Patient Testimonials

We work very hard to ensure our patients receive the best care possible from our physicians and staff. Hear what some of our recent patients have had to say!

Before coming here my daughters & I were hurting a lot with headaches but now our headaches have decreased. Also, my back feels so much better. Thanks a lot!

T. Smith

Before receiving treatments here, I had significant pain, stiffness, tenderness and discomfort in my neck, shoulders and back due to car accident injuries. My range of motion was limited as well. Over the weeks with the progression and consistency of the treatments I received here, all of the pain has significantly lessened and I can move more comfortably. The atmosphere is very relaxing and tranquil. Everyone is very cordial and pleasant. All of the treatments and adjustments I received helped me in one way or another. I do have stiffness in my neck and shoulders still, but the stiffness is an improvement from the sever pain and tenderness I was experiencing before I began treatments here. Dr. Nikki was very informative and always showed concern. Overall, I have enjoyed my experience here.

C. Mitchum

Upon my first visit, I was experiencing back and neck pain. Gradually through time, I started to experience more mobility and now I am back to 100 percent. I am able to participate in all of my physical activities. I am very pleased with my treatment here and I would fully recommend Dr. Nikki to anybody who is experiencing complications in their spine (back and neck). Thank you Dr. Nikki and staff!!!

B. Grace

Before coming to see Dr. Nikki, I was experiencing muscle tightness, stiffness, and pain in my lower back that extended through the buttocks and down my left leg. I was able to walk only very short distances. Since I started treatment pain down my left leg and buttocks dissipated and the muscle stiffness in my lower back has much decreased. The distance I am able to walk has increased.

C. Henderson